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Traders International. I am pissed with Traders International, well I should say I am pissed with myself.

I join on my free will on January this year lured by the promises of easy money. There is no easy money especially in trading. The system does not work. The live trading results published on the web site are inaccurate (I have got a prove) in case of so called "24/5" room.

The moderator in the "pro room " makes discretionary calls and not follow "Traders International" methodology". I do not believe the whole think is worth the money. If you are in Australia please remember about time difference between down under and USA. They tell you can make money trading 1 hour a day – I do not think so.

Ask them about trial even payed trial. They will probably tell that you have to learn the system first to be able to follow but as I mentioned in pro room there is no objective system. Ask them about the trading plan and carefully examine the exit criteria. The moderator in "24/5 room Rich Malcolm in mot a trader.

He can not make a decision, especially about exit.

He is full of "ifs, buts, maybes". In my opinion it is much better, and cheaper to by Esignal Advance Get software.

Monetary Loss: $7250.

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Does Lachy trade live ? nop because he is a crook and have him to show one week only of successful trading of his bank account.

he wont trade live . he told me this in person.

Palmdale, California, United States #712461

Lachy tell you what you want hear and sale you dreams but keep stealing you money . thief mother ***.him and his shity Platinum class


every body if TI really good which is notas far I saw there room if they have a good St they should let new traders get in the room and watch whats the room make which nothing or minus most of day , they lie and take your money and make you lose even more money specially the AUS room with that sick Lachy


I am attending the webbinars of Traders International. I m kind of convinced with their approach of business. would any body advise me not to join them?My e-mail is


Traders International are only 'analysts' and only 'marketers' who sell indicator-based systems using 'hyped' returns but provide no 'hard evidence' to back it up. They use facebook/twitter to market what others are saying 'but' they avoid/never talk about their own personal trading - because it does not exist.

I personally have asked the hard questions which keep getting ignored. The CEO Afshin, Lachlan Elsworth and staff at Traders International do not all trade what they teach/preach with their own 'personal' money. They ‘use/steal’ ideas/screen shots from their members/other traders, see what's working at the time, and then come up with systems and they take the credit for it. The moderators ‘live’ trade using a 'test' account, however, none of them trade with their own personal money on what they teach.

Traders International do not 'walk the talk'. Do not believe the hype - ask the two most important questions you can ever ask anyone who makes 'bold' statements about returns and/or tries to sell you a product - Q1. do they actually trade what they preach? Q2.

if yes, ask them to show you the evidence of all their trade’s 'screen shots' and their personal 'live account statements' to confirm their ‘so-called’ returns? If they do not show you this – ‘walk away’ and save your hard earned money to learn from someone who actually does walk the talk and can 'show' you the evidence to backup their 'hyped' returns! I have been trading for ‘five’ years my own personal signal/system which is only ‘price action’ based – with ‘no’ indicators because all indicators ‘lag’. Stay away from trading education companies who try to sell you a trading system with ‘indicators’.

All indicators ‘lag’ and there is ‘no’ consistency in profit returns over the ‘long term’ when trading off indicators – I know this because I have been backtesting for ‘five’ years trying all sorts of indicators. ‘Price action’ alone is ‘king’ – when you know how to read price action ‘only’ – then you will start to trade successfully and will ‘never’ need to use any indicators again! Stay ‘away’ from Traders International.

There are better trading education companies out there who charge a lot 'less' and also do ‘not’ charge for access to their trading rooms. Do your ‘thorough’ due diligence before parting with your ‘hard-earned’ money!


DO NOT waste your time and hard earned money on this site. One so called "moderator" cleans office building part time and another is a college student studying business, but calls the overnight trades from Europe. They MAINLY called "DS" signal trades, which is simply a slow stochastic divergence setting of around 5-3-3. They offer NO FREE TRIAL and say their signals are "proprietary", and will not divulge the settings. You have to LEASE indicators from them for another fee $49-$99, depending on your trading platform. Their other proprietary "signal" was simply a continuation, or bounce, off their (again proprietary) "T-Wave" , which is basically just simple EMA settings of 10 and 20.

The chat dialogue itself is closed so you can not see other chatters messages, believe me you wouldn't want to. The room moderators only trade in SIM and do not risk one cent of their own money.

They do not teach anything in this room, you just sit there and wait

for a signal to form. Most are for a minimal gain, 1-2 ticks, or a

full stop-out of 6 ticks. Most professionals prey on people who take

trades like these.

Hitting yourself in the head repeatedly with a hammer would be less

painful then shelling out $7,500 or more for this garbage room.


the guy that does the trade of the day is simming.

the 7k fee is a total ripoff...most of its basic technical analysis/MM.

Kazden is/was a nut case,Rich couldnt trade out of a wet paper bag. They want 7k and 3oo dollars a day for this?

I feel sorry for the Aussie issues/time issues.

In the age of Madoff/housing crisis/ Enron the thieves just keep on coming.


Hi all, I hope that you are well. I am the Senior Trader for Traders International (Australia) and I was sent this site be a close friend.

A lot of comment here is regarding the previous management team and trading style, not the new one! The company, and its technique, has changed dramatically over the past twelve months, and the trading rooms are now available (in South East Asia) as a free trial, so you get to test the strategy in a live market prior to spending a cent. Big changes made by the Aussie team are set to address all of the above concerns. If you are a past or possible member, call the Aussie office and arrange a free trial, its FREE!

Number is +61 7 5451 1194.

Have a great trading day! Lachlan Elsworth.


i have done well over a 1mm trades in the ES and I KNOW platforms and i saw their site and its on the re-play its totally FAKE!!!!!!! anyone tht buys this withoput seeing a REAL audit is a sucker! and deserves to LOSE all their $$$ lol


I am not a TI member but am interested in becoming one. By attending their live trade presentation a few times, I must say that it cannot be faked. The ticker and range that they are trading on the sessions are exactly what is shown on the live market on S&P. I am curious on why one comment said it is "simulated". Besides, they would be shut down by now particularly by some of those very rigid countries. Besides, their trading room is live 21 hours per day. How would that be faked once somebody sign up and would attend for 21 hours, if you have the energy? I am asking this honest question because some of those negative comments do not seem credible?

I was on their e-mini session about 3 times, one day they did not have a good day and they agreed as so. One day, they capture profit in 15 minutes. I was in their FX session only once but their results are posted day by day. Again, how can somebody make false results given so many people are in their trading room?

Of course, maybe this is a "pissedconsumer" site so it may not attract the real members who are happy but I hope somebody give clarification.



I almost bought into TI back in August of 09. They definitely have a good sale pitch.

What finally soured me on them was while participating in one of their free webinars that they offer 3 times a week, one of their moderators must have been late signing on. the Camstasia program that the videocome through on showed him booting up and all his trades for the day. In one column for the full page that showed flashed on the screen for about 15 seconds showed the word "sim" repeatedly. I can't sit here and say their system doesn't work as I have never traded it, but I will warn you they have a strong sales pitch that you need to read between the lines.

One other problem I have is their signal setting are proprietary. You will never get them, even if you trade with them for years. You will constantly be married to their trading room. Their system is basically a pivot point/divergence strategy which John Person has written some excellent books on.

I would also recommend reading everything you can get by Steve Nison on candlestick charting, and also Jake Bernstein books on technical analysis. If you have the desire and the drive to read and digest all these, paper trade what you learn for 6-8 months, then hook up with a good broker that knows the futures market, you'll do fine.

It worked for me and I spent less than $500 on all the books mentioned. Have a happy and prosperous new year.


stay away from this aholes,they are liars!

6-7000 pplus 300 a month for the trading room.

kazden is a mental psyche job that plays with a sim acct. the course is a bs simple ABC based and divergence *** :upset



I am interested in trading full time and I am trying to find an HONEST trading partner. If you know of one email me at thank you.


It looks to me as if some TI employees are posting very positive comments.

If you from land of OZ it is easy to find out what is really going from TI members.

Go to traders connect web site and ask for contact with one of TI traders group in your area.

I am from Sydney I know of two group Thornleigh and City. In the Thornleigh group there is only one couple who got trading room subscription because this was part of the deal they signed. If you interested to come and listen to what they have to say about TI send me an email and I can invite you on the meeting where you would be able to ask real people what they think about TI.


:? I also would like to hear more about TRADERS INTERNATIONALS TRADING SYSTEM.


I took the TI course 8 months ago. I think now they shortened it up but they have added a FOREX room (I cannot comment on that because I have not been in that room). The trading room I traded in was excellent. I worked with two traders and they were very clear on the signals they called in the trading room. The first month I lost money but it was mostly because I did not do the simulation period they requested I do. I went straight to live money which was my fault. After a month I regained my losses and began to trade profitably. I am still learning to control my discipline. Anyway, I am very glad I took their course and it was well worth my time (and money).



Response to Skye

I have posted 3 responses in a row because I have just found this site. I am all about fairness, the truth, and the right to speak out and like everything there are 2 sides to everything.

I went to the Rockwell site and looked and looked for outside recognition of this company. There wasn’t any. And they have been in business since 2005. They say they are members of the Better Business Bureau (as is Traders International) but no where are there any industry publications or otherwise giving recognition to this company and it’s program.

One of the important factors for me in picking the Traders International course was the fact it has been recognized by leading business magazines and given a lot of awards from the top stock market publications. It also has been in business for more than a decade with members all over the world doing business in 14 countries.

You don’t last if you don’t make people successful.

I got what is right below from a Mark Hodge off the Rockwell site.

"What Type of Trader Are You?"

Submitted by Mark Hodge on Mon, 2009-08-31 16:44

"Having worked with traders all over the world, I typically find that MOST traders fall into one of the following categories:

A) The “newbie” – Someone new to the wonderful world of trading that is mesmerized by the thought of trading electronic markets from his or her home, but has no idea how to get started or where to begin.

B) “Mr. Dangerous” - The trader that knows JUST enough to be a danger to his or her trading account, but doesn’t have enough experience, education, or discipline to trade with consistency.

C) The “Pro” – Although most traders fall into the first two categories, “The Pro” is a trader that has seen success and consistency during their trading career but often search for coaching and guidance when market conditions are difficult, or as they transition from one trading arena to other (example: trading floor to trading screen, or hedge fund trader to independent trader)".

So I would ask which category you fit in? If a newbie then you should never have been in the Pro Room. If you fall into the Mr./Ms. Dangerous category you should never have been in the Pro Room. Traders tells every new member this.

But you state that is where you were trading. Are you a consummate Pro with a long standing successful career? If you were you would have succeeded in the Pro Room as the month after month figures over years prove. No losing months.


Response to Jack:

Jack, you said you would like to hear from people who are successful with Traders International. I am one of them. I research everything I buy from a mattress to an emini trading course. I looked at Traders for several years before getting involved. It is not the only course in the world but it is one of the top. Not my opinion but it has been written up by a lot of impressive publications as one of the top.

I am in the trading rooms every day and people are making a lot of money on a consistent basis. Nor hearsay but my experience. For me that is the whole point. Also in my research I found that the trading rooms have not had a losing month in the years I had been researching it.

I don’t think a lot more needs to be said about how successful the training is. Not a losing month.

You don’t stay in business for 11 years and keep getting new members added to many thousands over the last decade if the program isn’t successful.

A suggestion. Re: negative posts – for Traders or any other company in any other field. The internet is a place where all kinds of people can anonymously post anything they want. And do. Sometimes they want to promote their own product or set the stage for doing so. Some make a career of tearing anything and everything apart wherever they can put a post. For the heck of it.

All I know is there are lot of people making a lot of money on a consistent basis with Traders International. If you want one of the top rated courses in the world and the best support system that any company offers, Traders International is definitely the right company.

And finally, if you want to be successful at this, you have to have support. Traders offers the best of any company offering emini courses. They have been recognized and awarded for this.

The level of support Traders gives to all it’s members is without any equal. Training is non-stop and if you need individual help at any time as often as you need it, you’ve got it.


Re: Majster's post.

My experience is the polar opposite. I researched Traders International for 3 years before buying the course. It was a million miles beyond anything out there on many fronts.

What I found – from my personal research so this is my opinion but I will say I am conservative and research anything I do or buy very carefully – so for me it was and remains after more than a year the best course out there from the most stable recognized company in the business with a life-time support system that no other company offers.

First, it has been around for over 11 years. You can’t draw thousands and thousands of members from all over the world for that long and be shafting people.

They do business in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Israel, Malaysia, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland – 14 countries.

Traders International could not be doing business in 14 countries if people were not succeeding. They would be shut down instead of being allowed to expand all over the world.

The handful of naysayers in these posts are up against thousands around the world who have succeeded with Traders International. Also, there is no product in the world that does not have detractors. This is normal for a variety of reasons.

They did not follow the training even if they used the product for 6 mos. They did not follow the time frame to go from study to trading in sim to live trading and discipline that makes you successful or not. They want to promote their own product so they attack the competition (always transparent).

It can pretty well be said these naysayers did not study the course long enough to master it. They did not do paper trading in sim for the months you are supposed to. And they went to live trading before they knew enough to do it. Some sneaked into the Pro Room for experienced traders which you can’t do today but would have destroyed a beginning or intermediate trader’s chances of success. They did not follow what they were taught. They claim to but when you ask for their journals they have none – one of the most important things we are taught so we can succeed.

The founder is a sought-after speaker on trading the markets, at expos around the world. Would he be invited if Traders was nothing but a company of failed students instead of an 11 yr. old company with many thousands of very happy member/traders.

Next, none of the other companies promising great courses have ever been recognized or awarded for their programs by the number of top business and stock publications given to Traders over the years.

Only Traders International has received this kind of publicity so that alone was a primary reason for picking their course. Third party verification.

Next Traders International bends over backwards to make clear that learning to trade the eminis is a process – a pretty long one. They urge you to paper trade for months in sim and you have to start live trading in a very very conservative teaching room.

That teaching room is headed by a guy named Rich Malcom who has been a professional trader for many years. You only need to listen to him for 5 minutes to know he knows as much about the market and trading as anyone out there.

He trades his own money right along with us as he calls each trade.

Last week alone we had the opportunity to make 10 points on one day which is big and 9 the following day.

That is a lot of money in two days. A lot with just one contract. More than one contract and it’s really a lot. $950 for one $1000 contract in just 2 days – twice that for just 2 contracts.

That brings me to the next fact. In the last 3 years I have been following Traders monthly results, they have not had a losing month.

Go to other emini training sites on the internet and see if they post their monthly results.

How do I know this to be fact? Because I trade every day and keep a daily journal on all trades and I trade the full session. So I know exactly what month end results are.

Last, several of these posts have mentioned cost.

What would you pay to learn a course with a company that has not had a losing month?

What would you pay to get support for a lifetime?

What members pay is so small for a lifetime of teaching and support from the best out there it is ridiculous it is so low.

No other company offering to teach emini trading comes close to what Traders International offers or the recognition it has received.

I challenge anyone to find another company in business as long as Traders International, with as much press from the nation’s leading business magazines and stock publications recognizing it’s program, doing business very successfully in 14 countries with thousands of successful traders around the world.

The following is from an interview the founder of Traders International did with a leading business magazine in September, 2009. The magazine acknowledges that Traders has not had a losing month for the last 2 years in the face of the collapse of the market 2 years ago. I have been following it for 3 years and there has not been a losing month and I know people who have followed Traders longer than that and have not seen a losing month. What would you pay for this?

If you are going to buy a course, what more can you ask for. Here are 2 interview questions asked of the founder by one of the countries best known business publications.

Q: Traders International’s method has made money since the collapse of the market in October of 2007, a time when many were losing money. How?

One of the most important reasons is because we are scientists of the markets. We constantly research the markets and test different trading methods to find the most profitable strategies. This enables us to construct the best methods because they’re based on proven research. Second, it doesn’t matter to us if the market goes up or down; we can trade profitably either way. Third, we don’t care what the market is going to do tomorrow, next week or next year. We are literally in and out of our trades in minutes.

Q: What sort of person might consider trading?

Who should not consider trading is anyone looking for a get-rich-quick idea or who is not willing to put in the effort to learn. It’s no different than anything valuable in life; it requires practice to succeed.

There it is. No ‘luring’. No unrealistic promises. Nothing but the truth and the principles Traders International stands on. Printed in a national magazine for all to see.


Yeah I would also love to know more about TI and thier system. I have a friend that says they are great.

But he has only paper traded and then gave up because of haveing a kid and other reasons. He says he's goig to get back into it. But I'm not sure when that is. Anyway then I looked around the net and found comments like stay away so I'm not sure what to do.

Ti will tell you that they are not filling the system

and that is why they are pissed of and loosing but I'm not sure.

Anyway it's heaps of cash to sell out so I would love to hear from people that it's working for and preople it's not. Thanks

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