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Understand if you change your mind about Traders International and decide to terminate their services they will still enforce their contract with you. They do not care what the reason. They will continue to charge even if you stop using the service.

I canceled less than 30 days after joining when I realized the service they marketed wasn't what they advertized.

I've filed with the BBB of Houston, the Texas Attorney General and the SEC.

Also be warned these guys trade "live" on a simulator so their risk trading S&P futures is zero while yours is limitless.

An extremely disatisfied consumer.

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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #1093050

thanks for the info, this guy & his group promoting in Asean, KL, Spore, he promoting like as he already made many millionaires in down under ? is it true?


ok if you want sign with TIIIII aske them to inroll for free for a week to see what money they making you will find zero. Mr Tim one of the moderater always act like he never lost a trade and the funny part about it he never called one live trade in the room.

he is sick controll f....

he thik he is the best shoe his trades that he never took only in his CLASS losing room. he just a funy G..


WOW, seriously? I can't write the word s t u p i d? without having it replaced with ***?


I fell for the same crooked tactics as many did back in 2009 and traders international = complete scam. Don't bother posting *** remarks like "trading is not for everyone" when that garbage company clearly lures people in by telling them they will make clear calls to buy and sell.

They do anything but that. Also, a car dealership does not misrepresent a car they are selling. What a *** comparison. I'll tell you the correct comparison: You buy a brand new car and 30 days later find out they sold you a lemon!!!!!!!

That is what traders international is to the trading community.

Stay away from this company. You have been warned!!!!!!!!


Make complaints to the SEC etc. and request a law that schools must trade a live account to prove what they are selling/teaching actually works.


The United States BBB is ***. It is not a government agency but private, for profit to protect the businessman, who pays the BBB yearly.


I am still with TI after 3 months. I have made profit every single week for 2 months.

I know more than a few guys in the room who are trading fairly large size , 10-30cont, and they are really doing well. I guess some , like yourself, have a hard time with trading. I would say trading is not for you. Alot of us love it and are good at it.

Its not just you though, I know some others who struggle with it in the rooms.

Trading is not for everybody,, that is for sure.



I was with TI for 12 months and lost. There calls are not clear, it's always your fault if you are in a lossing trade, and the moderator does not trade live only in sim. Be prepared to loss money not make any.


So you buy a car, drive it for 20 days, then return it to the dealer and expect him to waive the contract as if it never happened?


i would LOVE to hear more Lebolanct!!! please email me more info re them

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